3D Aerobatic Flying play list

A week of sloping with Dennis the complimation

Me and Dennis at Captain Cook Monument Slope Soaring 2018

HK Volador maiden by FaTedev

Camperduin 4th Jan 2014 EXTREME WIND + Forced landing

Sbach fun pegasus 14th september

FaTedev Bumble Bee quad copter multicopter 4th design

$5 Hobbyking Hand Launch Free Flight Glider EPO RC conversation Maiden

FaTedev with Sbach at MVC Pegasus flightshow vliegshow

Hype Sbach maiden

Cap second practise with prop hanging flips and more

Cap 232 (my) maiden flying with Sebart Katana

RC Android controlled by Android maiden flight crazy fun

Parkmaster 3D nice day in some wind - Lower your volume, wind sound!

27th March - GoPro Hero on my Seagull - Seagull 2000 glider

Turnigy FBL100 and mCPX flying together

Flying at Petten On-board view HAILSTONE!

FaTedev(dot)com - 2012 compilation video

Depron Delta v5 maiden and night maiden and some gliding

FaTedev Turnigy FBL100 3D tricks

Turnigy FBL100 3D mini heli from HobbyKing

New ParkMaster 3D custom spray job and re-enforcements (RAW)

31-01-2015 snow cold xtra 300 sub nano FPV

Real Flight 3D RC airplane simulator clip

RealFlight G4.5 flying 3D - Harrier Jumpjet turned boat slash submarine lol

RealFlight G5 online, Pole dancing with the windsock haha

RealFlight G5 Helicopter 3D session training

FaTedev - Nine Eagles Xtra 300 4 channel aerobatic aircraft Review

ParkMaster_3D lucky crash landing onboard video

Park Master 3D FPV FaTedev

ParkMaster 3D practise 1

Parkmaster 3D practise2

ParkMaster3D Windforce5 flying backwards

Pegasus Dennis - Zoom 4D

ParkMaster 3d and Zoom 4D proximity flying practise in wind

ParkMaster-3D Zoom4D Mid-air collision

FaTe Parkmaster3D harrier practise and my first catch!