1 hour build challenge. Delta wing ready to fly in 1 hour (from scratch)1 hour build challenge. Delta wing ready to fly in 1 hour (from scratch)
Jul 02 2012
The challenge was simple, build a model in 1 hour and I don't mean from a kit or pre-cut parts but totally from scratch. This Delta wing is just 6MM depron with 2 crossing carbon fibre rods for support. Elevon control although I missed having a rudder greatly, here you can see the actual build compressed into 3 minutes - followed by some photos and finally the maiden flight. I like this model so much I am going to create a version 2 with all the ideas since I've had, the project which will follow sometime soon will have far more photos and build details than this one. You can also find this challenge on RCgroups.com in a thread I started.
/theme/Depron-delta/at field
So here it is on the field, ready to go! The first time it went up it flat spinned so badly that no matter what I did it couldn't recover, however there was also no damage at all. My suspisions where towards the tail.
So being at the field it's use what you can find, well all I could find was beer mats lol. No matter in my head it'll work - so it'll work! Positive thinking and all that.
UHU por glue 10 minutes later the new "tail" was in place lol. Cut a slight rounded corner although I doubt it matters at all.
/theme/Depron-delta/delta bottom
The bottom was given a quick spray of blue.. Yes blue in a blue sky, because when below it becomes dark like black visibility was super. You'd have to blind not to see it.
It's maiden pilot provided by Dennis (one of the camera man) from his crashed EDF he scrapped last week, again just a bit of UHU por keeping it in place.
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