FPV ground station update - Sun shade and door locks
May 15 2012 by FaTe
Quick jump
One of the last things needed for this box was too add a sun shade so I can see the screen better on bright / sunny days. I used black plastic corrugated plastic sheeting to make the top and left side around the screen. The sizes will vary on the screen you use but notice the right door panel makes up the right side of screen, to keep everything place I used velcro. I first used hot glue around the outside of the sides and placed the velcro strip over it. (centered so there is an equal amount overlapping each side)

Next I ran a bead of hot glue down the back side of the velcro on each side before folding it over. I also put a little strip of velcro on the ends of the panels where they meet in the top left corner, This completes the attachments for the shades to all stick together.
Here you can see it all folded away, first the left side folds over then the top over it. I used a little strip of velcro again to make a latch to keep it down, this double serves as a screen protection when the lid is closed. To keep the doors themselves closed also when the lid is closed I used magnets as locks, I simply used hot glue to keep the magnets in place.

Now the ground station is complete I'm super happy with the results, it has everything I need entirely for any model. I may add additional things over time, that's why I ran a 2nd feed power line from the lipo spare in case I decide to add any electrical components.
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