My 2nd ParkMaster 3D - what to fix as you build and a custom paint jobMy 2nd ParkMaster 3D - what to fix as you build and a custom paint job
Mar 25 2012
I'm listing this project under Design because it's design faults on the model that shorten the life span. Some quick changes to the materials before you even build it will make your ParkMaster 3D live much longer. Secondly this time I decided to do a custom spray job rather than the default white with stickers to brighten it up.

First of all I'll show you what simple steps to take to help your ParkMaster last longer. You will get a 4500CM/4.5M length of glass rod to use for re-enforcement, don't bother. You will need:

3 * 1 meter lengths of 1.5MM carbon fibre rods

1 * 1 meter of 8MM carbon fibre rod
I used 1.5MM carbon fibre for the fuselage sides in place of the glass rod, it's a direct swap size wise. Your CA glue will bond much better to the carbon fibre and obviously carbon fibre is much stronger and rigid keeping your fuselage straight!
Use the 8MM carbon fibre rod on the bottom of the wing and regular 1.5MM carbon fibre on the top to keep weight down, the wing afterwards is totally solid, no wing snapping in this planes future.
The horizontal tail use 1.5MM carbon fibre on both sides. As for the rudder it WILL bend over time, 1 more piece of 1.5MM carbon fibre rod across the span will stop this from happening. This corrects most default manufacturer flaws from day 1.
I didn't want just the stock white foam like last time with some coloured stickers. I used silver (with silver flake) and blue foam safe spray paint. It's always best to spray the foam pieces before you do the final stages of the build, in other words before you attach control surfaces, wings OR tail. Gives you the greatest control over the design unless your going for a pretty uniform colour then I'd say it's best to build and then spray to fill gaps.
Either way always spray after you've fitted the carbon fibre rods so everything is themed the same, covers glue tracks and any accidental cutting you may have done.
Some snap shots from the video, not so super but better than a kick in the nuts.
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