Mini field-box tripod mount best receptionMini field-box tripod mount best reception
Mar 04 2012
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/1 double-balsa-layer
The VanGuard tripod mounting plate is removable, I cut some 6MM balsa into the same shape in double layer. Simply super glued together at this point.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/2 outline indent
The mounting plate has 90 degree angled corners so the clamp on the tripod clamps it in place. I marked out the exact border (8MM).
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/3 in shape
Cut away the top plate entirely to size then cut the bottom layer outwards to the full size at a rough 90 degrees by hand.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/4 epoxy soaked
Now this is balsa not exactly strong for this however soak this block in slow setting Epoxy (I used UHU 300) then I put it in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius which not only cures it faster but also increases the strength to the maximum possible for this epoxy.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/5 demo fit
You can see here how it mounts into the tripod.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/6 aluminium washer enforcement
Of course I don't want all the weight of the box shifting just on the bolt so I made a aluminium washer to fit and epoxied that in place also.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/7 bolted field-box
Now my new replacement mount plate is directly bolted to the field-box and .... yes I epoxied it.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/8 on trippod closeup
Now the box is quickly removable from the tripod but when in place is at my eye level and can still go much higher!
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 4/9 vanguard mk4
No need to run wires to the video receiver up some pole like others do, the entire box is raised!
I 100% love this mod, the tripod when collapsed for transport is so small it can fit in my rucksack yet when all set-up my reception is going to be excellent.
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