HPI Mini Recon 1-18th scale with Nano FPV and pan tilt cameraHPI Mini Recon 1-18th scale with Nano FPV and pan tilt camera
Not so long ago I got a 1/18th scale HPI mini Recon and talked about it was for remote video use and not just a camera stuck on the bonnet but a full Nano FPV (first person flying) kit on it and even a pan/tilt system to move the camera both left/right and up/down!
/theme/HPI/S2/radio swop
The standard 2.4ghz radio that comes with it is a 3 channel, 2 regular channels and a 3rd on/off switch channel spare. I need 4 channels, so I opted to install one of my Futaba fasst 6EX receivers and use my own proper transmitter.
/theme/HPI/S2/3G servos
For the pan/tilt system I used 3.7 micro servos, the first left right is on the bottom screwed into the body shell. The up down is a little more tricky, first I CA glued 2 servo arms into the position needed, then to make it secure I used heat-shrink pipe over and cut holes for the screws to go through. Once cooled I CA glued inside the heat-shrink pipe making the whole thing rigid.
/theme/HPI/S2/servos mounted
Here you can see the set-up isn't super complicated but normally need to think about stress load on the servo. Seeing the camera weighs 3 grams + the up/down servo 3.7 grams = 6.7g static weight. These micro servos can push in excess of 80grams so stress load? what stress load!
A mock up to show how I planned to install it using a bracket on the back of the servo with 2 bolts through to secure it in place.
/theme/HPI/S2/Pan tilt nano cam
The camera now mounted in place, if your doing something similar then remember to leave enough servo lead slack for when it moves around!
/theme/HPI/S2/ghz video transmitter
The transmitter is UHU glued onto the shell to give shock and vibration protection, the wires are just taped down for the time being until I get a spare shell when I will build everything in properly.
I went to a car dealership not far from here at night to test it out, as it was raining a little I kept my field-box inside the car! So the following video was recorded from a stream transmitted through a metal object Totally impressed, watch out for my couple of high speed flips and also driving under lines of cars!
Pretty damn cool for night time driving!
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