Part 2 - field-box with FPV ground station Upgrades wheels and morePart 2 - field-box with FPV ground station Upgrades wheels and more
Dec 24 2011
Last modifications for this small 22 inch toolbox. It already holds my field charger, lipos, transmitter, FPV receiver with digital camcorder and tools so what else can you do?!

How about wheels to pull it along instead of carrying it, strobe lights for night landings, inside lights to see, lipo voltage display and more.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 3/Wheels clamps hex-collars
The plan is simple, why carry the box if it can wheel itself? All I'm using is big air-plane wheels on a solid steel rod Axel (4MM diameter).
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 3/4 wheels fixed axel
I used the red clamps to pin the rod solid in place so it doesn't move or turn, then use hex-bolt collars to secure the rod at the Axel point and a further collar on each side of the wheel making 3 collars per wheel.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 3/re-enforcements
The box itself at this point was to flexible and twisted. I first cut a length of aluminium bar and bolted it in 3 places across the bottom of the box which instantly made it rigid. Then I used plywood lengths up the sides of the box to stop twisting and 1 across the back to act like a sway bar and stop lateral twisting. All this is hot-glued in place, finally I trimmed the divider to fit the new layout.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 3/strobe lights
Because I have been doing late night flying trying to find home in FPV is hard, I added these 4 strobe flashing lights from a cheap pico helicopter, they run on 3.7v so I just tapped the digital camcorder power line.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 3/wiring loom-lights
I've added a lipo voltage checker which is the red digital display, then 2 daylight LED bulbs on each side of the TFT screen which light up the bottom box area. Finally all these components are tied to the master power switch but also have their own individual line switches. So anything can be turned on or off, if needed the whole lot can be switched off at once with the master line switch to lipo.
/theme/mini rc field box/stage 3/mini toolbox field ground station
Here you can see the whole box operational with the FPV feed on the TFT screen from the delta-wing next to it. With the wheels the box is lots more stable with the lid open.
This video below is a night time run to test how well the strobe flashing lights are visible from the air, the answer... VERY!
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