Delta wing Nano FPV 1st test flight 8 gram set upDelta wing Nano FPV 1st test flight 8 gram set up
Dec 10 2011
You've seen normal FPV, stunt flying and just recently how to set-up Nano FPV. Now to test the Nano set-up on the Micro Delta-wing (Delta wing project part 1 | Delta wing part 2 ). I didn't want to give the set-up a regular testing that kind of gives expected results. Instead I lay the receiver flat with the skewer-wheel antenna also lying on it's side meaning the available field of receiving (normally globe shaped) is halved instantly, the table is only 60CM high so also not raised too high.

A solid test to see how this 3.2-5.5 volt 10mw 5.8gHz Video Transmitter does in a real life situation, what I've effectively emulated is a "cheap FPV" ground station set-up, the results? Well see for yourself in the video, if this is the quality while seriously limited I can't wait too get my full FPV set-up quality
My final verdict is WOW , OK setting it up is not so easy but for 4.2grams of FPV kit I'm seriously impressed.
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