Nine Eagles 1 cell battery modification and conversionNine Eagles 1 cell battery modification and conversion
Dec 10 2011
Nine Eagles produce good products that I've yet to have any problems with, there batteries are often very light which is useful for all sorts of things. Unfortunately the Nine Eagles battery connection is a clip slide style that won't fit any charger except the Nine Eagle transmitter charging port or wall socket charging unit.

Here I will show you how to modify Nine Eagle batteries so you can use them with any connection plug type you wish and still be able to use the original charger!
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First using a small driver or similar slide the metal contacts out of the plastic rails, tape them up for now so they can't make contact.

The battery plug end is plastic and only glued in place. There is a piece of silver foil that the battery is wrapped in overlaps the plastic, peel it back then slowly work the end cap of the battery, be gentle and take your time. You can now push the metal contacts through the holes at the top of the cap and remove the plastic section entirely.

You can see in the photo I de-soldered the metal clips off the wire ends to leave just the positive and negative wires.
Keep the plastic cap and contact rails, Solder on your own plug to the rails then reverse the process, push them through the holes > slide the rails back in place. Now to push the plug into the charger I CA glued a carbon fibre rod on to the plug, this is the charger adapter I will now use.
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Since servo leads already carry 5+ volt it's perfect for these 1 cell batteries. Now I've soldered the servo plug onto the battery and wrapped it will heat shrink pipe to hide and protect the contact inside.

Here you can see the charger adaptor in place and charging the battery via the new servo plug configuration. The camera flash was bright but the green charge light is actually on. You can use any plug type you want with this method while still being able to quickly charge them, of course if your lipo charger can charge 1 cell batteries you can simply use the plug type for your charger and skip the Nine Eagles charger altogether.
Please take your time when soldering anywhere near a battery, use a good hot iron so you don't have to wait a long time to heat components for soldering. A nice quick easy method to use 1 cell where ever you want
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