Part 2 - Micro 500MM balsa Delta wing. Motor and electronics upgrades.Part 2 - Micro 500MM balsa Delta wing. Motor and electronics upgrades.
Dec 02 2011
This build went extremely well for a 48 hour turn around and flew super stable which was excellent. There is an old phrase with Delta/Flying wings and that's "it's never fast enough", well guess what...

Click here to view part 1 of the 500MM Delta wing project

First of all the electronics was a bit messy wires running everywhere and it's not the easiest to plug the battery in, secondly the top hatch I had planned to use magnets but every location sat next to electronics so that's a big no.

Time to do something about all that:It's winter time and most people won't fly...

This left me alone to record and fly so all camera angles where fixed position.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing switch
First up is adding a micro switch on the side of the center. I wired this one up to be an exact fit.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing tidied
Can see how it slots in the side and also note all the electric wires have been wrapped and secured to the sides, much more tidy and easier to get the battery in.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing pin hinge
The top panel cover I used a pin hinge so it opens from the front upwards.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing sping catch
The idea of magnets next to electronics was a bad idea, instead I opted to make using piano wire a vertical wire screwed in place with a rod rubber end stopper.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing catch lid
All that's needed is to make a little slit in the lid where it can slot into place. Because the release is hand made it's exact size makes for a secure fit.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing AX 1818N
Now for more power. The old 1450KV motor was fun but lacked top end torque so really 70% throttle is the same as 100%. Now I've fitted an AX-1818N brushless out-runner motor.
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing 20 AMP ESC
The motor specification sheet (in Chinese...) states 8-12A. I was provided by the manufactor a 20A ESC.. I used the 20A . On further research people using this motor with 12A experience motor stutter at low RPM...
/theme/Delta Wing/updates/Delta wing AX 1818N fitted
All fitted and ready to rock and roll, check out the video above.
Wait.. You thought I'd finished, like any good project it never will. Sometime soon you will see our whole new MICRO FPV project on this very delta. The delta itself had some twitching at high speed which I think is from the control lines to the elevons, they have a tiny bit of play so I might switch them out for something else like proper collars. All in all for now this is a great little plane with massive potential, I'm already having idea's of a 3000+kv motor
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