Site Status Monitor and data monitoring. Quickly monitor all your sites in one place.Site Status Monitor and data monitoring. Quickly monitor all your sites in one place.
Oct 05 2011
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Site Status Monitor is a small application I wrote in Visual Basic a few years ago when I found I had too many sites to keep track of.

About the program:
  1. Stand-alone executable, no dependencies and no install required.
  2. 76KB in size, simply unzip the EXE and run from your PC or even portable storage device
  3. Ability to save list of URL`s in a plain text file named "slst.lop"
  4. Can create information file on your own site to be read as the site is checked!
  5. Automatic "Red Flag" warning and alert window while flashing red on error!

You can use the link above to download the program.

When you first open Site Status Monitor it will perform a internet connection test to ensure you have access to the internet, you can manually perform this test also if checking connection yourself.

With-in the settings window are options to add sites to check. When you enter a URL you can either one time "Check" it or choose to "Save URL" in your list. You can also choose to open the selected link in your web-browser automatically.

Below you will find options to alter the amount of seconds to pass until a time-out is declared and also how many seconds between checking each site (cycle time). If you have created a file to output statistics example "www.somesite.com/stats.php" then you would enter that in the "Target stats file" box. If you password protected the file you can also enter the password to be given.

Now you can see the program running, the cycle timer will begin counting and check each site as you can see on the left. SSM connects too the site by first check if it's on-line, if it is then it will continue to retrieve the data file IF you specified one.

I entered a fake site into the URL list to demonstrate what happens when SSM cannot find the site OR it appears off-line. You can see instantly the main application window begins flashing red but if you have the program minimized then you won't see it! So what?

At the same time a separate warning window will also appear which logs all errors detected since it began checking. Because this is a unique window your task-bar will flash! However in case that becomes annoying you can choose to "Keep hidden" and then close the window which will not reappear unless you choose to view it using the "Errors" button on the main application window.

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