ChockFyer - 3D plane with Google Sketch-up plansChockFyer - 3D plane with Google Sketch-up plans
Sep 30 2011
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I found Blue foam board at a local DIY market (GAMMA). This foam is used for sound reduction for a laminated floor. Very cheap foam, its for the budget builders.

Using only Google SketchUp I designed a whole RC 3D air-plane and it cost me very little!

All designs are created in Google SketchUp. You can download Google SketchUp for free from here

You can download all the project files below: Gamma_Special.zip - 276KB

ZIP file contains:

[*] foamie horizontaal.skp
[*] foamie verticaal boven.skp
[*] foamie verticaal onder.skp
[*] foamie vleugel en staart.skp
[*] foamie.skp (Full plan)

IMPORTANT: On plans foam is not always 6MM thick.
/theme/Nico/Gamma Special
You can see here it's maiden (first ever) flight. For a design I created in Google Sketchup the model flies VERY well, I did notice the wings flex too much so I added 3M Scotch filament tape which fixed the problem.
/theme/Nico/Gamma Special2
Used to build this model:

[*] Blue foam board xps, bought at the DIY market (GAMMA).

[*] 4 servos hobbyking 5grams HXT500

[*] 1 ESC Himodel

[*] 1 outrunner motor Himodel 2000 RPM/V

[*] 1 prop 6x4 (Hobbyking)

[*] Hot-glue and epoxy glue.

[*] 3M Scotch filament tape for reinforcement.
/theme/Nico/Gamma Special Mini
This model is a very cheap build and easy to get flying, Enjoy!

It's smaller brother

A scaled down version design for learning to fly. Super little model:
/theme/Nico/Gamma Special Mini2
The maiden flight of the model was not as good as it's big brother model, it did fly (quite well) but after a small crash the motor mount came lose. I only need to use a stronger glue to fix the model.
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