Jul 20 2011
Nine Eagles have been at it again creating crazy small air-planes and today while passing a shop I seen one and well ... ***whistles***

I'm a sucker for World War II aircraft especially those with a fair amount of detail and the Nine Eagles Spitfire hits all them points and more. The aircraft itself weighs in at just 38 grams (1.34oz) which is super light, the RTF (Ready To Fly) model operates on Nine Eagles classic 2.4ghz mode changeable transmitter and super light RX board.

This is a 3 channel model using Elevator, Ailerons and Throttle. However there is a pre-cut slot for rudder linkage so if you want rudder you could swap out the 3 channel RX for a 4 channel.

Battery is a 1S 3.7v 150mAh Li-PO which gives an average flight time of about 6 minutes. Charging the battery is achieved via the transmitter, the battery slots into an area then when the transmitter is turned on a green light indicates charging and auto shuts off on complete. Charging I've found to be approx 15 minutes.
I'm a trained photographer so I've always got my eye out for interesting pictures, however this model being as detailed as it is totally deserved the all time classic ground view to sky shot of the Spitfire as you'd seen on almost any airfield photo back from WW2.

Lots of respect to Jan my camera man who had quite a job keeping track of the plane as it really does go quite fast
Don't underestimate it!

Enough blabbering.. on with the show!
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