Lite-3D Depron project build using Nine Eagles radio and a RTF weight of 65 gramsLite-3D Depron project build using Nine Eagles radio and a RTF weight of 65 grams
Jun 24 2011
The Nine Eagles Xtra 300 has been modified in all sorts of ways, first it was lightened, then a custom 11 gram camera was mounted on-board and finally a Jolly Logic AlitimeterOne was added to view altitude on the recorded video.

Well the plane is being retired and I had an idea for the electronics from the plane. After I ripped out all the electronics and weighed them they came in at just 45 grams including battery. I love 3D but it's been raining for a long time and I wanted to build a super small/light plane capable of 3D.

The Xtra 300 model weight with mods was 115 grams and still flew fine, the stock weight is 95 grams. I personally wanted to build a model about 15-20 grams lighter than stock so approximately 75-80 grams for a better power to weight ratio.
/theme/Lite-3D/Lite-3D 1
The plane has a wingspan of 30CM/12" and a wing width of 9CM, ailerons are 4CM for entire length of wing.
/theme/Lite-3D/Lite-3D 2
Both tail fin sections are 6CM wide with 3CM control surface (rudder elevator). The entire build is from 6MM depron with 5MM balsa for a lateral support.
/theme/Lite-3D/Lite-3D 3
I used servo control horns to make the control horns on flaps. The Receiver (RX) is mounted upside down so directional control is correct, if you mount the normal way up then tail and elevator controls will be reversed. The Nine Eagles 2.5ghz set doesn't allow for servo reversing.
/theme/Lite-3D/Lite-3D 4
You can see my build progress carefully keeping an eye on weight. Each time the weight includes all electronics and battery.
/theme/Lite-3D/Lite-3D 5
Control lines where made from piano wire and self bent into shape.
/theme/Lite-3D/Lite-3D 6
The motor is wrapped with a single layer of masking tape then simply UHU por glued into place.
As you can see the final build weight is 65 grams which is much better than I was aiming for, that's a whole 30 grams or 1/3rd the original build weight gone! The intended power to weight ratio for 3D should be there.

Today is the next day and of course I had my first maiden although suspected some issues and I wasn't wrong. I aligned the engine too straight which give the plane a heavy left tilt and not enough space to try correct. I've remounted the engine with a very slight 3-5 degree right angle and will try again. However what is worth mentioning is the plane had enough power to stay in harrier /3D at 80% throttle which isn't too shabby at all!
After these test flights I adjusted the ailerons to fixed full right roll and only used rudder and elevator and it still didn't stop the left torque roll you see. The planes weight is just too light to stop serious torque roll but at least I can say I tried. I might still test this outside too see its normal flight behaviour if the wind ever drops low enough so don't hold your breathe on that one!
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