Mini RC field box for when you dont want to carry everythingMini RC field box for when you dont want to carry everything
Apr 13 2011
The last RC field box I made is perfect for when I'm carrying multiple models or I'm recording video with having the laptop in there. However it's pretty heavy and I wanted a smaller model for them days where you just want to get going.

I picked up yet another super cheap toolbox this time for 6 Euro`s hoping it'd be big enough. The idea was to have my transmitter travel safe and also still be able to charge batteries on the field.

This box in comparison is much easier to handle and just quickly pick up and take anywhere.

Many of these types boxes sell on eBay for some hefty prices when you can build your own for next to nothing.

Used in this build:

- A small toolbox or an old one to convert.

- Egg cone shaped foam or another foam type with good padding.

- Small piece of MDF wood or similar (thick plastic sheet etc)

- Spray can adhesive glue
/theme/mini rc field box/mini RC fieldbox 1
You can see it's the exact same model as it's big brother just on a smaller scale, also note it has 2 compartment boxes on the top of the lid also which is handy for wires and a few tools.
/theme/mini rc field box/mini RC fieldbox 2
The 12 volt lead acid battery fits nicely to one side along with the transmitter also although it is slanted.
/theme/mini rc field box/mini RC fieldbox 3
A simple piece of MDF cut to shape will act as a divider and keep the battery very secure and not damage the transmitter!

The MDF is hot glued into place.
/theme/mini rc field box/mini RC fieldbox 4
I used spray adhesive with egg cone foam to pad the battery compartment so it's even more of a snug fit meaning the battery isn't going anywhere unless pulled out.
/theme/mini rc field box/mini RC fieldbox 5
A 12 volt lead acid battery will easily keep all my electronics running for an entire day at the field (even a few days as I've found).
/theme/mini rc field box/mini RC fieldbox 6
Now each compartment has padding and I cut out a few of the support slits from the lid to install foam there for where the aerial on the transmitter sits to stop shock damage.
The balance charger fits on top of the battery during transport, the leads fit in the top compartments along with a few tools. I already stuck a few random stickers on it too give it a proper field box feel.

With the Futaba 6EX transmitter sitting slanted there is a fair bit of room under it to fit a few more bits and pieces like battery packs and such. All in all I now have a small light field box too keep me running all day long and is stored away in just a few seconds.
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