RC Depron Final Fantasy 7 Tiny BroncoRC Depron Final Fantasy 7 Tiny Bronco
Mar 17 2011
The Tiny Bronco was a VTOL aircraft owned by Cid in a game produced by SquareSoft (now SquareEnix) called Final Fantasy 7.

I wanted too know if I could strip a V3 - 3 channel mini helicopter for components and make a Tiny Bronco out of depron in a Frankenstein type operation.

The wingspan is 17CM as is the length (by original design specifications scaled down)
/theme/TinyBronco/Depron FF7 Tiny Bronco 1
I had to resolder the wiring for the electrics after taking them out of the helicopter. The small thin wires which have no visible coating and look hard too solder.. they are! But to get a good contact simply run the solder iron on the end and you'll see bare wire exposed.
/theme/TinyBronco/Depron FF7 Tiny Bronco 3
I used UHU polystyre glue and Scotchtape (transparent) to build the whole model. In total it weighs 15 grams, the V3 heli weighed 25 grams.
/theme/TinyBronco/Depron FF7 Tiny Bronco 4
So yes it was a total fail, nothing more than a 15 gram vibrator lol. But it was fun to try.
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