Mar 15 2011
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Dave Powers is founder and owner of www.rcpowers.com and many of us RC enthusiasts have loved many of his projects over the years. With kind permission from Dave, FaTedev[tm] will be publishing some of his more unique RC projects.

Please direct questions for Dave to his

You can find PDF plans available for sale at his website as linked above.

Now on with the 1st project, by far a personal favourite...

The School Bus that does a transformers trick and flies!

Click here to visit RCSuperPowers Youtube channel

Model Specifications:

- 5 ch

- (4) HS-56 servos

- www.MotrolFlyUSA.com 22-10 1080kv motor

- 10x3.8 prop

- www.CommonSenseRC.com 3 cell 700 to 2200 battery

- 20 to 22oz flying weight

- Drives on the ground, transforms, and then flys. It flys best at very slow speeds which is nice.

Click any picture too view full size image

Drives on the ground real good
with just rudders.

Wings/Sides fold down and then lock.
See the website INSTRUCTIONS page
on how that all works.

It loves to fly real slow like this.

This took 14 prototypes and was first started late 2005. Its very simple to build and fly and is one of my personal favourites. Everyone loves it when you take it out.

I can't count how many times all over the web I've read:

"My wife loved this and now wants to try RC"

Enough said!
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