Project power plant (Project PP) Turbine powered RC car!Project power plant (Project PP) Turbine powered RC car!
Mar 12 2011
Project PP initially started as an idea but a full 3D model was created shown below, The main reason for the car never being made was the idea that if it worked as expected you would only see it for a few seconds then wonder where it went.

The concept

The concept is very simple... Build a RC car with enough thrust to move itself and on board equipment above a minimum of 60MPH target (not scale speed). There has been MANY RC rocket projects inclusive of drag cars and *some* Rocket cars, To my understanding the fastest RC car entered into the World records is at over 100MPH and its electric... I have no such desire for beating anything but that fast with live feed would be excellent.

Reality dictates...

Well its simple enough to say lets build this and off I go but reality slaps me in the face and I realize I need somewhere to actually test. There is plenty of straight roads but these funny things called cars use them so it will need a bit of planning.


The car rig itself will consist of 3 channels as detailed: Running Mode 2 accelerator on left

1) Steering - small wheel base turn at only maxim of 30 degrees left/right turning capacity

2) Throttle/brake - Engine acceleration, Throttle down - auto brake on below 1/4 power with more brake pressure towards dead stop

3) Exhaust nozzle pitch in/out, Nozzle collapsible on pulley system with spring retractors, More torque in will create more direct and pressure built thrust output.

There is 1 additional channel which operates camera pan left and right

Drive train

The main turbine spindle will be directly connected to a gear box rig with a weighted fly wheel for power to only be transmitted over X RPM on the gearbox, The engine plant will will be direct train to the gearbox in a close proximity to reduce loss of torque across the drive train.
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