Mar 11 2011
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a short brief about Jechts car, the build up, the failed plans and build up to it


Well thats the img's altered and looking weird.

no really, they aint meant to look like that, adjusted that 3rd picture like 40+ times to get it to look right and its

still not spot on lol.

ANYWAY, on with the car.

Wanted a GTi for years but was always put off by the fact that there golfs, cos as many ppl know, there is simply WAY too

many of them on the roads, a mk1 is nice but the amount of work was not possible.

So after a stint with afew mk2 Jetta's i was all set to import a 1990 mk2 Jetta coupe into the UK and buy a wrote off

1990 mk2 golf gti 16v and put everything from it onto the Jetta and do a RHD conversion myself with only needing the

panel welded over that is taken from the other side.

LONG story short, these plans went over board really quickly with me finding the 1.8 20valve turbo engine in a mk4 golf

GTI and wanting that, would make it harder to do the conversion as would need to use a lot of mk4 parts to do it, so after

considering a Bora (mk4 golf saloon aka .. Jetta) the idea of any saloon other than a mk2 Jetta was not nice and due to

lack of space and nowhere to work on the car no more the Bora was a write off as wouldn't fit on drive and the Jetta coupe

was a write off as no space to store 2 cars to build one.

like 2 years later and wanting .. mk3 1997 16v golf GTI was planned, its a golf but at this point had been without a car

of my own for close to 3 years so decide to start saving up, my math had me owning it insured and driving it within 12

months .. this was in late august 2008.

End of first week of September 2008 .. funds going good, started to save nicely and was amazed to be fair, had more after

just 2 weeks than i had thought i would.

Go look at some mk3 golfs .. one word "EEEWWWWWWWW", the cars where fine, didn't have a problem with that and as they

where hated by most ppl but the ones i went to see where average and the body's where SERIOUSLY in bad shape.

SO after saving for only 3 weeks by this point, plans gone to pot. car is now twice the cost. originally was going to be a

jazz blue one but found this grey .. HAD TO, was a limited run colour and not very popular and was seeing jazz blue ones

everywhere and seen none in the grey .. move forward to may 2009 and I've tried to buy 3 different ones, 2 really nice

ones and a fugly one, had seen this other one month or so earlier but it disappeared and was just looking but at this

point i was close to having enough so was looking.

AMAZING .. June 2009, this nice one i seen comes back up for sale, sent seller e-mail, price was agreed before going to

look at it, go look at it, rev it and hear the turbo .. SOLD!! deposit down, next day its parked on drive and not a sign

of buyers remorse anywhere, still ain't and its 2011 lol.

SOO it stays standard thru July and august, September hits and BANG, stainless exhaust and in for new cam-belt as

tensioner has gone.

February 2010 .. after the snowy winter the wheels got done as there split rims and couldn't get tyres on them till they

had been fixed because the wheels where coming apart and could not be balanced so off they went, cost was same painted

anthrocite as it was for silver, so anthrocite they go!!
Summer hits, i find out car colour's name is "anthrocite blue

pearl" .. wheels are kind of the same colour as car, was not intention .. wheels went this colour as black is too dark

and couldn't think of anything else so a light black .. grey .. lead to anthrocite, they looked REALLY nice, still do as

there waxed, yes! i wax my wheels lol.

lots more plans for it in the future to be honest, but with the way UK insurance company's are it is pointless doing

anything to it for at least another year or 2 till the prices come back down, i mean I'm 27 and my insurance is stupidly

high, group 15 car .. sucks. ANYWAY, coilovers are on hold, intercooler is on hold .. everything is on hold as right now

its got the engine light on so who knows, spec list below, ripped straight from my site lol.



1.8L 20valve turbo.

K&N 57i hi-flow cone filter.

Audi R8 oil cap.

Custom Painted engine cover with body colour lettering.

Forge 007p recirc valve, 1 of 200 AWESOME GTI 20th year anni in black (so AWESOME say).

Milltek cat back exhaust with center silencer replacement pipe, twin jet (4mo style) backbox.


standard 5 speed.


eibach lowering springs (45-50mm front, 30-35mm rear) for now..


BBS RXII split rims 16" x 6.5J, refurb in anthrocite with hyper silver outter rim.

Falcan FK452 205/55/R16 W tyres.


288mm vented, drilled and grooved black diamond disks up front.

232mm drilled and grooved disks at the rear.

mintex pads all round.

stainless steel fitment braided goodridge brake lines.


Body work/Exterior

DEPO projector headlights.

Smoked side indicators.

Hella rear lights.

4mo rear valence.


Carbon fibre boost guage.

A-piller pod, proper one made for the car, none of this universal crap!

R32 aluminium drivers side grab handle.

Bora fully closing center vents.

FULLY restored the trim back to dark wallnut trim as it should be.

R32 radio cage.

cubby hole to fill empty slot.


Kenwood CD/mp3/USB head unit.

that is all ICE its getting for now lol.

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