Part 1: Building my own Custom deskPart 1: Building my own Custom desk
Feb 13 2011
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With kind permission of FaTe. (I love this project)

We underestimate our desk environment, often people just buy whatever is cheapest or just based on "if it fits".

That doesn't work for me, I like my stuff within arms reach, tidy and exactly to size. So the only option then is too build it myself!
The mission

* To build a desk which could house my computer will ample space with a front pivot door with plenty of airflow

* House the router out of sight with front lights still visible and keep RJ-45 cables out of sight

* Have draws in which to keep my lose items

* Incorporate a light bench into the table top for lighting with adjustable dimmer switch
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The main area of the desk is 130CM wide which fits perfectly back too back with an existing desk in the room.
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