Lego Speed Series custom acrylic case display with lightsLego Speed Series custom acrylic case display with lights
Jul 31 2023
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The Lego™ cars in question are from the Lego™ Speed Series collection. I'm not a fan of all of them but these three I quite like and would like in a proper display case. I fancy something a bit special this time so I got my hands on an acrylic display case and began designing a display stand to suit the given size. This approach would work for any size as the design isn't all that complicated.

As always you can find all the STL files to download for free on my Thingiverse page here.
/theme/lego cars display case/1 primary 3d design to 3d print
Given I don't know exactly where the cars are going yet, I've designed a frame that allows the mounting bracket to move up and down on the rails. On each bracket is a slide so it can move left and right.

Finally the Lego™ mounting point can rotate on an M3 bolt which locks with a bolt below.
/theme/lego cars display case/2 fibre optic and led tray mount
I want this display to have lighting so I'll be using a SMD LED bar from an Energizer™ closet lamp that's supposed to be USB rechargeable. On the bracket mount are 2 holes which both fit a cluster of 7 - 1mm fibre optic lines. These line up with the LED heads so they'll get direct light.
/theme/lego cars display case/3 front display board design
In front of each car I want a display sign with lighting. These signs are just 28mm wide, 11mm tall and 10mm deep, angled to the frame so they'll stand vertical not slanted forwards. The clear lenses to print are just 3 by 5mm... tricky but possible (with an FDM/filament printer).
/theme/lego cars display case/4 support lats and half frame
The first half of the frame printed out and all the support brackets.
/theme/lego cars display case/5 test fit frame in acrylic case
Both sides printed and glued together. Testing it fits correct in the acrylic display case, which it does.
/theme/lego cars display case/6 finding angle of car position
I need to set the positions of the cars before I can go further, so I use masking tape to create a temporary surface and position the cars.
/theme/lego cars display case/7 lock car position angle nut
From below I can now nip up the nuts on the M3 bolt which locks the position and rotation of each car.
/theme/lego cars display case/8 model railway grass covered frame
I still had model railway grass cover from the micro RC race track project and it suits this perfectly.
/theme/lego cars display case/9 frame covered bottom view
All the grass tucks in under the frame.
/theme/lego cars display case/10 lego mounting posts installed
Each Lego™ mount is refitted through the grass.
/theme/lego cars display case/12 lego r34 skyline fibre optic ran
The R34 Skyline is the car I really wanted additional lighting. So I did the one thing I've never done before and drilled paths through the lego carefully with a 1.2mm drill bit so fibre optic can pass through to the front and rear lights.
/theme/lego cars display case/11 lego r34 skyline fibre optic finished
I don't want the light from below to be direct to the fibre ends otherwise the lights will be too bright and take away from the rest. So I trimmed the lines down so they only angle downwards.
/theme/lego cars display case/13 3 3v led bar buck convertor usb pcb
Now for that Energizer™ USB rechargeable light. I removed the LED bar from the rest and added a 5-6v to 3.3v buck convertor to a micro USB board. Now I can power these lights from USB direct. I also get a 1000mAh 1S Lipo I can use on other things.
/theme/lego cars display case/14 inside tin foil covered block light
When doing tests I instantly found the grass doesn't block as much light as I'd like, in fact it glowed green pretty badly lol. I overlooked the obvious answer of Tin foil as TECHONIX from Adam Savages discord channel pointed out. Works fine and easy to shape.
/theme/lego cars display case/15 fibre optic cluster led bracket
Time to bond the fibre optic lines to the LED mounting brackets. Again 7 lines per hole is possible but I only need 13.. so I ran just 1 hole on each mount.
/theme/lego cars display case/16 led bracket bonded to led strip
The LED bar is now mounted to the brackets which hold it at the same angle as the grass surface above where it'll mount.
/theme/lego cars display case/17 demo fibre optic lights
A quick test to make sure I didn't bugger something up but.. I have light :)
/theme/lego cars display case/18 front sign printed out parts
Thankfully the little lenses for the lightboxes printed fine in HD glass filament. So all the parts are printed ready for some fiddly construction.
/theme/lego cars display case/19 front signs painted finished
All the signs were painted with acrylic paint except the lightbox black which looks better as it is.
/theme/lego cars display case/20 light holes signs installed
All the signs now bonded to the grass and the fibre optic lines ran into the lightboxes from below.
/theme/lego cars display case/21 front signs graphics and lights
I designed two versions of each sign in case the clarity of the image sections was poor. However the prints came out excellent and now installed with another light test.
/theme/lego cars display case/22 lego figures 3d printed mounts
I want each of the Lego™ drivers to be out of the car at the front behind each sign. So I designed little stands which like the signs have an angle to suit the grass. The Lego™ figures just push into place.
/theme/lego cars display case/22 lights on demo test
I've added some fake shrubbery to each opposite corner and want to see the final light test. Some light is bleeding from below as its not just bonded to the acrylic case base plate. But overall I like how its came out.
/theme/lego cars display case/23 rear panels
While constructing I required full access from the back under the frame as its the only real way to access it once grass covered. However in final steps all the light comes out of the back, which isn't the intention. So little plates are bonded in across the internal arcs to stop light coming out.

At the same time the entire bottom is covered in Tin foil to also stop light bleeding out of the bottom edges.
/theme/lego cars display case/24 electronics housing box
The micro USB board and buck convertor need to go out of the case given the buck does throw off some heat. So I designed a little electronics box to house them.
/theme/lego cars display case/25 electronics installed
From the back you can now see the mounted electronics box, tin foil on bottom all installed.
/theme/lego cars display case/26 lego speed series display case daytime
Finally last steps of installing the acrylic case top and giving it a clean down.
/theme/lego cars display case/27 lego speed series display on desk
The display case will be moved later in time due to other circumstances. But for now it lives at the back of my desk next to the USB hub so I can always see it.
/theme/lego cars display case/28 lego speed series on display lights on
Of course a photo of the final display with lights on. The intention was always for a subtle display and not something beaming bright light out. All USB powered, perfect!
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