Snapper6 3D printed frame upgraded motorsSnapper6 3D printed frame upgraded motors
Jun 14 2023
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The Happymodel Snapper6 toothpick quad was fun but its power is lacking and the frame has been abused more times than I care to admit. With the Mobula 7 and 8 out also running a similar board with a lower amp rating meant it's possible to use the newest generation motors on the Snapper6 board. So that's exactly what I did.

3D printed 68mm custom frame
Happymodel RS0802 / 20,000KV motors
Gemfan 1610 - 40mm props
450mAh 40-90c 1S lipo
Stock Snapper6 control board / camera (for now..)

You can download the STL print files for free from Thingiverse here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6078640
The frame is printed in PLA+ and is 2mm thick with propeller guards to boot. This very solid rigid frame is only 6 grams.
My version history of frame designs from the stock replacement I made a while ago to a more compact version and finally the Mk3 68mm frame, the most compact frame that is both extremely durable and light.
With motors on and tri-blade propellers comes in at 16g, but these are not the correct propellers for performance.
25.5g now with the original Snapper6 control board and camera / VTX installed.
These 1s lipo mounts come in at little under half a gram and are way better than an elastic band or similar.
Final benchmark of 26g but again, not the correct propellers.
You can see how the lipo mounts just CA glue in place and will fit 450/550 and even 650mAh 1s.
The original Snapper propeller removal tools are not super and broke. I got some 0.75mm shim stock steel metal plate and fabricated my own. Much stronger and a couple for friends.
Finally the Gemfan 1610 propellers arrive. Now we can really test.
The new props also drop the weight by 1g so now its 25g minus lipo.
Ready to Fly - 37.5g with a 450mAh 1S. Kept well below the 40g mark of the Mobula 7/8 with the same motors, smaller more agile frame. This will put the stock Snapper6 to absolute shame now :)
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