Multichamber aquarium filter - 3D designed and printedMultichamber aquarium filter - 3D designed and printed
Apr 18 2023
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Ever since getting a proper 3 x 2 foot terrarium for the turtle and shrimp and running 6" water depth I've had issues with filtration given most filter pumps that are short in height don't have a great deal of filtration media. I could obviously orientate the pump sideways, however turtle loves to then push it up out of the water leading to damaged impellers.

Since I raised the bottom of the tank by 3cm with a fake bottom to better allow dirt to cycle back to the pump it means I've had this space on the side of my tank just over 5CM wide on the left.

You can find all the files for free to print your own on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5977599
/theme/2023 aquarium filter/1
So I designed a new filter unit which is 150 x 150 x 50mm in size. Has 3 chambers of media + mechanical media filtration below the pump outlet giving me 4 passes of cleaning water. The intake pulls from the bottom meaning it captures all the dirt under the false bottom way better.
/theme/2023 aquarium filter/aquarium filter media added
You can see the various media types which is easy enough to switch out when required.
/theme/2023 aquarium filter/aquarium filter in operation
The project is available on Thingiverse (link above) for free and can all be printed in PLA/PLA+ without supports or rafts.
/theme/2023 aquarium filter/2
1 & 2) Medium filter sponge
3) Carbon filter sponge
Below the pump goes biological media balls
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