3D printed modular SATA drive storage - unlimited stack3D printed modular SATA drive storage - unlimited stack
Nov 09 2022
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Recently I got back to installing my SATA caddy for access to my none connected SATA drives back. Having them floating around on my desk or draws isn't the best idea. Given the amount of drives I have changes as it could for anyone this design is entirely modular.

There is a single bottom tray and a top lid which are printed just once. After which there is a centre tray section which can be printed as many times as required for more storage.

Each section has 4 top posts which slot into the next layer bottom. In the middle sides of each tray are fixing tabs so a M3 bolt (or whatever you have) can be used to affix it to the previous layer. This applies to the very top cover as well.

All sections can be printed with no supports, skirt, brim or raft required. I'm printing in ABS but PLA/+ or even TPU for vibration dampening would work just as well.

You can download the files from thingiverse.com here:

/theme/sata storage/1 sata storage modular design
The original design components stacked out. The circular cut outs serve two purposes:

1) They require less filament to print

2) Drives coming direct out of a computer after a back up run tend to be a bit toasty!
/theme/sata storage/2 sata dock storage example
Fitment checking as an exploded stack.
/theme/sata storage/3 sata storage assembled demo
Final compile check to ensure everything fits together.
/theme/sata storage/4 sata storage print times
Each tray is: 55g per tray - 4h 50m print

The top is 39g - 50m print

For 5 trays and top is currently £6.91 for material

Total run time: 24h 10m which at my cost is about £1.22

Total cost: £8.31 for a 5 bay.
/theme/sata storage/5 sata storage bottom tray printed
After printing the bottom tray I affixed 5 anti-slip pads to the bottom so it doesn't skid around my desk
/theme/sata storage/6 sata storage 2 bays test
Next is printing a single centre section and the lid to ensure my tolerances are all correct.
/theme/sata storage/7 sata storage 3 bays lid finished
Now I know everything fits as it should I printed the last bay I require for now and used M3 x 8mm length bolts to affix it together. Of course to add more I just unscrew the top and add in more pieces!
/theme/sata storage/8 sata storage storage in use demo
Straight into use on my desk which with the side cut outs for grabbing the drive makes grabbing a drive and switching them out easily accessible and out of the way protected when not in use.
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