Bespoke 3D designed and printed headphonesBespoke 3D designed and printed headphones
Oct 15 2022
Over the decades.. I've had countless headphones as a heavy user. Cables end up breaking, cup arms snapping or bad internal connections were you suddenly miss left or right audio are all common problems. The biggest problem these days however is the cost of decent headphones being obscene. Designing my own headphones is something I've thought about for many years and since my SteelSeries 4H finally give up on life after being patched and bodged countless times.. I figured now is a good a time as any!

For this design I am salvaging the SteelSeries 4H speakers meaning I only need to buy foams and that is it. However any decent 40mm speaker will do, just you get what you pay for like most things.

The design is entirely based around zero supports required to print, short print times and easy to switch out components in a modular fashion. That is why the speakers are designed in their own cradle which then screws to the cup so if something goes wrong its mega easy to change, switch out the speaker mount for a different design or anything I want.

As for the ear cup foams and headbands I'm using a replacement set I got for £11 off amazon meant for Amazon G series headphones, so I'm not skimping on comfort either!
/theme/3d printed headphones/01 3d printed headphones exploded diagram
The 3D files I'm still tweaking for uploading to Thingiverse. Follow the Facebook page from the top menu link for a notification when available. Here is an exploded diagram view of all components being printed.
/theme/3d printed headphones/02 printing cups ender3 printer
The cups feature the removable speaker mount and a cable retainer clip. I HATE headphones that have a knot inside the cup to stop you snagging the wire, this is where breaks in cables often happen.
/theme/3d printed headphones/03 printed ear cup no supports
The first printed cup prototype which turned out to be so spot on that I didn't bother reprinting them again as there was no need.
/theme/3d printed headphones/04 ear cup rear
The rear of the cups are smooth finished.
/theme/3d printed headphones/05 speaker mounted
The first speaker test fitted in place to check fitment and again it just pushed fit in place so snug that no glue or such is required.
/theme/3d printed headphones/06 logitech g series template
To fit the Logitech G series foams to this design I used cardboard to make a template of the shape. Scanned the template and then imported it in 3D. This meant when I created the 3D version it was millimetre perfect.
/theme/3d printed headphones/07 test fit ear foams
Version 1 of the top plate with the foam fitted showing the template worked perfectly.
/theme/3d printed headphones/08 speakers soldering
Back to the speakers to now solder up cables. I'm using a 3 meter audio cable which can be replaced without taking the other cup apart at all.
/theme/3d printed headphones/09 speakers soldered
One cup down
/theme/3d printed headphones/10 speakers alt view
Both cups fully soldered and working.
/theme/3d printed headphones/11 headband swing arms
Designing the headband is a bit more tricky and why I'm not realising the files just yet. It needs to suit my head shape and while measuring your own head with a bit of string is easy... getting the shape side on by yourself is quite difficult.
/theme/3d printed headphones/12 headband
Truthfully it took 5 versions of the headband before I finally nailed the design. It needs to be flexible enough to put on / take off my head, strong enough that it pushes the cups against my head but not too hard and durable. 3MM ABS filament at 100% infill was used and the arms are attached separate so I can design or reprint single components in the future.
/theme/3d printed headphones/13 cups finished with logitech foam pads
Both cups fully complete with foams ready to use.
/theme/3d printed headphones/14 swing arm test fit
Test fitting the pivot arms in the cups to ensure they pivot without resistance but also aren't loose that eventually it'd break the parts.
/theme/3d printed headphones/15 version 2 foam mount top plates
Version 2 of the top plates for the foams as version 1 lacked bass where the cup was far too open. Version 2 seats against the speaker mount and stands off the cup by 2MM allowing the foam leather retainer to slip around.
/theme/3d printed headphones/16 top plate bass increase
Test fitting the new top plates with foam and the bass low end has improved massively, perception of louder volume with it also.
/theme/3d printed headphones/17 top head band foam plate fitted
The top headband requires the Logitech head foam band which is mounted on a 1MM thick ABS plate thin enough to be flexible but sturdy enough it won't just bend when putting it on my head.
/theme/3d printed headphones/18 finished 3d printed headphones
Finally complete! My own 100% bespoke headphones which if any single part fails I can simply reprint. If I'm unhappy with a part then tweak the design and.. reprint. No more buying stupid priced headphones!
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