Custom FPV Goggles - diversity VRX and DVI-RCustom FPV Goggles - diversity VRX and DVI-R
May 21 2021
Given I'm mostly flying the Snapper6 for FPV and similar tooth pick type quads means they fit in my custom flight box. However the Hobbyking Quanum v2 goggles do not, the other issue I have with the goggles after living with them for years is the exposure to moisture with everything mounted on the outside.

So I want to reuse components from the Quanum goggles to design and build my own!
/theme/fpv goggles/1 3d designed fpv goggled plans
The new goggles are 125 mm wide, 145mm long and 90mm tall. I plan to reuse the lenses from the Quanum with the screen so I design in slits to hold the slider.

Where my design differs aside from size is the front component area. Not only does it cover the back of the screen with the exposed PCB but it also houses the diversity video receiver, 5V 2A UBEC step down and DVI digital video recorder.
/theme/fpv goggles/2 spray painted black goggle parts
All I had filament wise for this project was cherry red, which is fine usually as I don't normally care but I need black to cut down reflection inside, a bit of black spray paint fixed that problem.
/theme/fpv goggles/3 goggles ready for assembly
Now ready for assembly the 2 goggle halves are bonded together with good old UHU Por. It's plenty strong if you don't apply too much and makes it removable.
/theme/fpv goggles/4 goggle halves together 5inch tft screen
The 5" TFT screen from the Quanum perfectly slides into position and again is UHU Por glued in place, the glass screen gives a good bond on the letter box area (unused parts of the screen) and you can clean it off.

For the front padding I used foam pipe insulation tubing with 3M double sided foam pads.
/theme/fpv goggles/5 padded goggle fronts comfy
On top of the foam piping I used draft excluder foam strips to build the shape for my face to give a 100% light free environment and of course be extremely comfy!
/theme/fpv goggles/6 front electronics wired up
The diversity video reciever sits to the left with the two SMA ports sticking out of the top. To the right is the 2A 5v out UBEC which powers -> to its right the DVI digital video recorder.

The position of the XT60 plug is temporary.
/theme/fpv goggles/7 goggles electronic test
Quick test to make sure I soldered everything up correctly lol.
/theme/fpv goggles/8 goggles back front view
On the back (front?) is access to the Video receiver buttons and channel display as well as the buttons for the video recorder.
/theme/fpv goggles/9 size comparison quanum v2
A size comparison to the original Hobbyking Quanum goggle case.
/theme/fpv goggles/10 reuse quanum sleeve
These custom goggles fit perfectly in the original Quanum sleeve so strapping the unit to my head is a none issue. After I quickly soldered up a new power lead shorter to fit to the back of the strap it was finished.
/theme/fpv goggles/11 goggles fit in bespoke flight box
My flight box, inside:

  • The new custom Goggles

  • Futaba T8FG transmitter to the right

  • 16,000 mAh 14.4v 4S lipo to power charger

  • Charger

  • Snapper6, lipos, 1S HV charger and tools in bottom draw

  • Middle draw are tools, repair items, spare antennas etc

aka: Everything to go FPV flying anywhere for months on end before needing to re-charge that monster lipo!
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