USB drive storage box - 3D designed and printedUSB drive storage box - 3D designed and printed
Jan 08 2021
I required a USB pen stick storage box to keep some drives safe during a long journey, so 3D to the rescue!

The case is very compact and fits 3 sticks, the caddy the USBs plug into rotates and is designed to be printed and then simply push snap fit into place. The case lid works the same way clipping into place to save damaging any printed hinges or such so it's more robust over time.

The closed box size is 60 x 54 x 25mm so it's very compact.

You can download the STL files for printing below, all files do not require supports at all but I would recommend a raft support for clean pulls. I printed at 20% fill with Black ABS.

/theme/3D USB stick case/1 3d design
I designed the model in Rhino which only took half an hour or so. The only other component required is a piece of foam to cut to size so it holds the sticks nice and snug while closed, it also stops them rattling.
/theme/3D USB stick case/2 usb drive sticks upright
With the lid open and the caddy rotated upwards, "sticks in use".
/theme/3D USB stick case/3 usb drive sticks flat
Preparing to close rotate the caddy down to slot the sticks into the foam and everything becomes nice and secure.
/theme/3D USB stick case/4 usb drive sticks closed case
Lastly the lid snaps on the top to give our finished transport ready case. Given its ABS it'll take some punishment from keys and any other objects in a bag for example.
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