Ender 3 - 3D printer - tool tidy modEnder 3 - 3D printer - tool tidy mod
Jun 09 2020
If you follow our Facebook page you'd of already seen I now have an Ender 3 - 3D printer. Before delving into real projects I instantly wanted to get my working area tidy. There quite a few storage solutions out there for the Ender 3 that clip to the side or hang on the top but I prefer something a bit more simple, tidy and elegant.

This tool tidy modification fits perfectly between the control panel and the control box. It's designed to look like it always meant to be there, has 2 draws for storage and is out of the way. The bottom thin draw takes advantage of going under the Y rail to get a bit more space for all the Allen-Keys, spanners, screw driver and nozzle cleaning tools. The top draw which has a bit more volume is for Nozzles and anything else.

The STL files for this project have been bundled into a single Zip file which you can download here:

Download the STL files for this project (75KB)

Printed in PLA @ 10% fill, raft, no support and of course on an Ender 3!

Time to give back a little :)

You can also view thing on MakerBot Thingiverse by clicking here
/theme/ender 3 tooltidy/rhino preview
The unit has an optional bracket which can be glued on to go between the control panel plate and the printer frame using the original 2 5mm screws.

The design is 135mm wide * 125mm long * 50mm tall
/theme/ender 3 tooltidy/rhino preview components
The STL files are orientated with the draws flat and the casing vertical meaning no supports are required at all. There is a small knob for the bottom draw which will require a 5mm long M2 screw.
/theme/ender 3 tooltidy/creality ender 3 tool tidy preview 4
Fits perfectly to the millimetre, as in you're going to have to give it a hand to get it in lol. Ample space for all the bits and pieces that you might need to hand.
/theme/ender 3 tooltidy/creality ender 3 tool tidy preview 3
Looks super tidy and flush with the rest of the front area.
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