Poundland cheap 1:24 RC car conversationPoundland cheap 1:24 RC car conversation
Mar 08 2020
While visiting poundland which was in the process of closing down and having 50% off sales I spotted a super cheap 1:24 RC car. It boosted full forward/back and left/right control which means even if the electronics are junk (which they are) the chassis would be suitable for a fun conversation.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/1 1-24 poundland rc car
The original car in the box for a whole whopping £2.50!
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/2 stock setup 2mph max
I ran it around on my desk a bit where it hit a top speed of.. 2mph! Scale speed according to the box is over 100mph! Apparently lol.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/3 futaba fasst turnigy motor convert
So first I ripped out all the electronics entirely and went straight to work inserting a Turnigy brushed 1:24 high KV motor, 10A brushed motor speed controller with forward/reverse. And lastly a micro Futaba Fasst receiver.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/4 steering pole servo arm mod
The steering ran on a brushed motor on a gear which needs converting for servo drive. I bonded a servo horn to the original rack so pushing the arm forward and back will turn the wheels left and right.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/5 electronics test
Initial tests on my desk using my power supply at 7.2v showed the motor would most likely eat the gearbox, but for £2.50 who cares.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/6 steering v1
The original steering connection between servo and rack was getting caught on the top plate quite often so this only did for testing on my desk.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/7 tunigy 450mah 2s 65-130c
A small Turnigy Nano-Tech 450mAh 2S lipo at 7.4v and 65-130c output fits perfectly in the stripped out AA battery compartment. Meaning its super easy to switch the battery with a balance lead plug connector coming in from inside the car.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/8 steering v2 improved
The second attempt of a steering rod worked much better by coming up and over the top plate, however the shape is rather weird to ensure it does not interfere on the car shell itself.
/theme/1-24 poundland rc car/9 conversation complete
And thats it! A cheap RC car converted from junk electronics @ 2mph to a beast (relatively speaking) that will eat its own gearbox in the end.
And yea... it ate its own gearbox eventually LOL :D
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