RC wireless camera on a 1:18th scale Truggy!RC wireless camera on a 1:18th scale Truggy!
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These small Truggys are amazing, they are less than the size of a piece of A4 paper and still nitro powered! I decided too strap a 2.4GHZ wireless camera too see what it'd be like if you where this small going that fast!
I tried too get lots of video but it failed as explained below. When I knew what I had done wrong I attempted a 2nd run this time on a beech with a proper sponge intake to prevent sand entering the carburettor.

However I had more bad luck when the exhaust came off and sand got in the engine anyway, now I need to rebuild the nitro engine sigh.
Well here's the video that was actually recorded, unfortunately I didn't know the range and forgot to check so there's only actually about 20 seconds of video until it was too far away...
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