Audio jack port for under desk - extending my headphonesAudio jack port for under desk - extending my headphones
May 02 2018
Since fitting my new computer case to the wall my headphone wires have been trailing across my desk and it's been annoying me more and more. So I quickly designed a mount to be screwed under my desk at the front, it houses to barrel ports for 3 meter audio jack extension cables.

You can download "double_jack_bracket_desk_mount.stl" file here
/theme/desk audio dock/3d render model rhino
The total size is 30mm tall by 25mm wide and 30mm deep for the barrel to be a very snug fit (11mm barrel)
/theme/desk audio dock/cel-robox-3d-printed-part
Took 35 minutes to print the part in medium quality (0.5mm nozzle) with 30% fill
/theme/desk audio dock/audio-jack-dock-fitted
I super glued the barrels into the bracket and then fitted it at the front. Wires go round the back up to my wall case. All very tidy and now my headphones hang off to the side totally out of the way plus have a longer reach than before - Win win :D
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