1:43 scale - 3D printed RC chassis for FPV micro racing - Part 2/21:43 scale - 3D printed RC chassis for FPV micro racing - Part 2/2
Oct 30 2017
You can read part 1 of this project here: 1:43 scale - 3D printed RC chassis for FPV micro racing - Part 1/2

Bespoke tire moulds project you can find here: 3D printed tire moulds for 1:43 RC cars using Sugru

So now we have a rolling chassis and the first shell all set-up it's time to look at the FPV install and set-up. I had originally intended on installing On Screen Display (OSD) to see speed and directional data but the board with GPS module is simply too large to neatly fit in the shell. It could be strapped to the roof or similar but I want a clean looking model. So this is optional to yourself.

Print settings

  • Resolution - medium (default)
  • No brim or raft
  • No supports
  • 30% fill density

Click here to download the "fpv_housing-b.zip" containing fpv_housing-b.stl for use.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/1-bespoke-fpv-camera-mount
The inside top of the cabin area has a odd angle so I designed a camera mount within the 3D lorry shell to ensure it was exactly right and held the camera at the correct height also to look through the front window area.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/2-fpv-video-transmitter-vtx-installed
The 5.8ghz 32 channel video transmitter (VTX) sits in the back of lorry flat and flush with sides so it cannot be damaged. The wires come through the back of the cabin to hook up to the camera and power input. The camera connects via servo lead pins to make them super light and more importantly modular. Any one component can be switched if required without re-soldering.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/3-camera-positioning
The camera mount is glued in place with UHU my favorite of glues for RC. It's directly in the center at a height where none of the window can be seen in the FPV video output but at the same time recessed enough that at first glance you cannot see it.

The VTX antenna sticks out more than I would like so that'll need an SMA double male elbow so it sits within the shell area and just the antenna sticking up when in use.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/4-fpv-housing-3D-model-design
I have Hobbykings version 2 goggles but I don't want to the glue them together this time. I want to keep the screen portable, to do this I designed a small as possible housing unit to hold the screen, VRX and 3S 2200mAh lipo battery together. Its total size is a mere 136mm wide by 84mm deep and just 44mm tall. Primarily 2mm ABS thickness, the holes allow for VRX antenna to screw in the side and to Velcro strap everything down.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/5-fpv-housing-printed
The print took 6 hours to complete but worked out perfect. Nice and clean no real tidy up to do.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/6-FPV-monitor-reciever-lipo-installed
I used foam padding for the sides of the monitor screen which pushes / wedges down into position. The video receiver VRX on the back Velcro straps in place and finally the 2200mAh 3S lipo battery Velcro straps at the back.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/7-fpv-housing-working
The completed mini housing unit or ground station works perfect with no issues and super portable. It does mean I can still put the screen in the original FPV goggles so I'm not stuck with one or the other type decision (or buy a second screen).
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/8-fpv-dvr-install
The digital video recorder (DVR) finally arrived. It runs on 5 volts so I needed to wire a UBEC in line to the DVR to provide that 5v. The input connects to the 2nd video channel out on the VRX.
/theme/3D 1-43 scale fpv/part2/9-fpv-dvr-compact
The DVR itself is tiny and houses a micro SD card up to 32GB.
For my first ever self designed RC chassis I am beyond happy with the outcome. The final result works very well although a bit too much power but in cases like this I'm with Jeremy Clarkson and such.. POWER!!!!

of course that "power" did snap a hardened steel axle as you can see in the video lol!
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