Art-tech Diamond 600 free flight to RC conversation - learning to flyArt-tech Diamond 600 free flight to RC conversation - learning to fly
Oct 20 2017
One of my friends wanted to learn to fly so on the cheap so I grabbed some free flight Art-tech Diamond 600 chuck gliders. I've converted similar types of models from other brands in the past so I know they can be cheap and near indestructible.
The original models come ready to push together and throw around in a park or similar.
The ailerons have an indentation on the top of the wing so I followed this size and fitted Turnigy 1440A servos directly inline with the ailerons.
The finished wings
The elevator and rudder servos sit below the wing on the CoG line to keep everything balanced.
Push rods are fitted from servos below wings to the rear T tail elevator and rudder. Both are simply tape hinged as are the ailerons.
Wings get installed and super glued in the place.
My own 4 channel receiver gets fitted into the back inside of the fuselage area. This all needs the foam gutted out.
The receiver antennas come out of the bottom and get taped in a L configuration.
The 12g 2200kv motor runs on a 12A ESC.
My friends RX is one of few so he didn't want it removed from the case so I needed to cut out more foam to make it fit.
His receiver has side plugs so that made life a bit easier.
Both models complete with working electronics.
Both planes use 5030 props on 2S and 6030 on 3S lipo.
The battery sits in a cut out about the wing on CoG so it can be shifted forward or back as needed. It stays in place with a ton of Velcro lol. I used sharpie pens for some colour.
Same again on the underside.
With a 3S 500mAh lipo in place.
My friend also used sharpies to design his model.
Top view.
The models both fly super and my friend has long since learnt the basics of flying.
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