The Bumble bee - H frame quad copter version 4The Bumble bee - H frame quad copter version 4
Aug 01 2014
It's been a while since I've worked on projects that fly other than planes. A lot of members in the club have recently been getting quads and although I've seen them for a long time now it has started to make me think about flying FPV again.

However I would like to make it clear, I do NOT like autonomous flying / return to home / GPS / OSD / Complicated Naza set-ups on my multicopter. For this reason this project solely focuses on building a multikopter with only 3 axis gyro and good old fashioned DO IT YOURSELF flying..
/theme/multicopter/1-h-frame-30cm long
For this frame I used 9MM square hardwood purchased from local hardware store for a whopping .. 4.50 Euro for 5.4 meters!!! I can build 2 more frames from same wood.

The frame is over all 30cm long by 23cm wide (motor to motor). As the entire thing is all 90 degree angles I feel no need to post a plan. Whatever wood you use say 10mm square then subtract front+back arms width (2cm) from the center posts. So 30cm long minus 2cm = 28cm long center pieces. Follow the same math for all parts and you cannot go wrong.
/theme/multicopter/2-inner frame
The frame stands a total of 5cm high giving loads of space to work with.
The motor mounts are 2mm thick multiplex wood. The bottom plate in the center is 1.5mm multiplex
The top plate is also 1.5mm multiplex where the lipo battery will be mounted. It's import to remember the control board goes in the center and so should the lipo battery overhead.
/theme/multicopter/5-black yellow painted
The previous versions I didn't bother painting but I felt confident about this build so decided to give it a very striking paint job. However the black paint didn't dry for AGES and ended up blotching in the fade over spot :(
First motors are installed as this determines where ESCs can go and everything else.
Next I fitted a proper power distribution board where all electronics individually get soldered too making it easier in future to switch out parts etc.
The finished model instantly dubbed the "Bumble bee" due to its striking colours and well lets face it all quads sound like an angry bee hive exploded.
As I travel by bike a concern was transporting it safely. However a trip to the "cheap shop" later I had this plastic container for just 2 Euro! It perfectly fits the quad and even storage boxes for spare parts, tools, glue, FPV stuff and all kinds of things.
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