How to convert your electric herb grinder to USB powered instead of batteries!
Aug 11 2008 by FaTe
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Using electric grinders are great for time saving when rolling joints or whatever use you want but using batteries is fine for average user but if your like me and average is something you forgot some years ago then these things eat batteries too quick and that gets quite annoying.

So the idea is to convert one my regular metal electric grinders to USB power saving time and money on batteries, This took about 1 hour of fiddling and rolling a joint in between and I would say anyone could do the soldering jobs needed to complete this.


I wrote a 2nd blog which shows how too install a better faster electric motor AND round flat top toggle switch which fits inside the barrel casing making the grinder a single unit with just a USB lead for power.

Click here: Convert your battery grinder to USB PART 2: Upgraded motor and switch

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