Carbon depron delta version 6. Thinner, lighter and fasterCarbon depron delta version 6. Thinner, lighter and faster
The last Depron Delta project version 5 (linked above) was an amazing simple flyer that had super crazy roll rates.

I wanted to see how much further I can push the simplicity of the build while actually improving the design. In version 6 as you'll see below utilised carbon fibre more to create a frame work just 6mm thick using 3mm depron.
Used in this project:
[*] 6/4mm Carbon pipe (not rod)
[*] 2mm carbon Rod
[*] 4mm glass fibre rod
[*] 3mm Depron (1 sheet of 60*40cm)
[*] 2mm plywood sheet
[*] 3M black duck tape.
[*] Turnigy 1440 sub micro servos (3.7g each)
[*] 30A Turnigy plush ESC
[*] 1400kv brushless motor
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/1 carbon frame
The design directly follows version 5 size specification of 50cm span by 36cm long. So Based on these dimensions I cut out the 6/4mm carbon fibre rod to the outline shape of the delta. I then used the 4mm glass fibre rod to push inside the carbon rod to hold the frame together basically.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/2 depron pieces
On the bottom you can see the cross member supports especially the engine mount.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/3 depron hold shape
I used the 3mm depron foam cut out of the shape to pin the frame together while I used regular CA glue on the glass fibre rod in the corners. Just enough to hold the shape together while it's worked on.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/4 tail fin
This is more likely the most difficult part, ensuring the motor mount has a 1.5-2 degree downward angle, you can also add a bit of right twist (1-2 degrees).
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/5 center board platform
I used 2mm plywood board accross the entire center length which the engine mount uses for additional support and gives a solid place for servos and lipo to rest on.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/6 engine mount supports
On the bottom I used the same 2mm plywood to create a brace around the engine mount area and on the tips to make the frame rigid. I just used regular CA glue to do this.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/7 3mm depron fitted
Now the frame is complete I can add the 3mm depron in place, its an exact fit so needs to be pushed into place a little.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/8 3m black ducktape
The magic of duck tape strikes again, use the tape all around the edges laying half over one side then wrap it under tight. Does this all around the frame. It will turn the frame into a solid stiff structure. Note I also opted to cover the engine mount, this was more for aesthetics than actually required.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/9 bottom view
On the bottom you can see the fold over areas and the single strip I ran down the bottom to protect the plywood on landings.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/10 motor fitted
Now electronics can begin being fitted. First the motor and ESC are mounted in place. You'll see a switch which is for LEDs in the future.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/11 front view thin
This photo shows best just how thin the profile is, while the actual frame is solid.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/12 esc regular
The receiver is fitted to the right side of the tail fin at the bottom.
/theme/Depron-delta/v6/13 carbon delta rtf
I'm using 950 and 1000mAh 3S lipo packs for the model, with the lipo as far forward as it can go. COG is at 26-30% back from nose tip which will vary upon your motor length.
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