Hobbyking Turnigy transmitter case mini reviewHobbyking Turnigy transmitter case mini review
I recently received my new Futaba T8FG Super 14 channel transmitter. Protecting my TX has always been an issue and on my old 6EX I didn't mind the occasional scratch but not with this one. I hunted for a long time to find there's only really big aluminium cases available to buy for Futaba while Spektrum have "to-fit" soft cases like this one..

Hobbyking however have this Turnigy transmitter case which fits their Turnigy TX and RC car type TX sets (which I also have but HPI). After some measuring I realised this cheap $12 case should fit the T8FG!
/theme/turnigy tx case/turnigy transmitter softcase
As you can see the case inside has enough room to fit the T8FG in width and plenty of space in height. It also fits the 6EX although the 6EX aerial must be pointed on a slight angle thanks to Futabas super idea of longer aerial lengths. Below I have a small storage case which holds charging leads, adapters,small tools and even my GoPro.

Above the transmitter is my lipo checker just using velcro to hold it in place. On the left side are 3 pockets. 1 big one the full height almost of the case, on the front of that are 2 smaller ones sectioned around 70/30% of the width. So I put some spare props in there and my HobbyKing charger is in the big pocket with a bar towel I used to kneel on at the field.
/theme/turnigy tx case/turnigy tx case top
The front of the case is moulded with the Turnigy text across the front. These "fancy" patterns actual increase strength in the case by providing more rigid areas over a total flat (bendable) surface.

On the top are 2 quick release clips which hold a small carry strap that is provided with the case. Not required you use it but it seems handy and if you don't then its easy enough to keep inside so it doesn't go lost.
/theme/turnigy tx case/turnigy tx case bottom
The bottom follows the same simple shaped design to increase strength. Which when the case is zipped closed gives a fairly strong compact case which I have no worries about throwing into my back-pack with other things.

Usually my transmitter would always go in last so I could position the aerial to not get knocked or damaged, this would lead to lost space. Now this case can go in first and everything else around it, better still when I go slope soaring and don't need chargers but just a few charged lipos then this case can carry it all and I don't need a back-pack at all :)

Overall for $12 I couldn't be happier with this case. At the time of this writing HobbyKing just implemented Euro/International warehouse set-up and postage is taking a bit longer than normal it seems.

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