Cat play hotel - 3 level play and sleep mini hotel to keep cats entertainedCat play hotel - 3 level play and sleep mini hotel to keep cats entertained
May 31 2013
This project is a little different to normal because it's for my cats. Their toys and such only keep their interest for so long and they are always running across the furniture chasing each other trying to hide. This also goes for when people are round and they just want to be out of the way.

With all this in mind I designed what I'm calling the "Cat hotel". This is a 3 level play house / sleeping area with enough space for both cats to sleep even on the same floor. Each floor from the ground up has holes in opposite ends up each floor to get to the next, this exits out on to the very top where they can sit and watch over the room and outside as they like to do.

The unit is 60CM wide, 80CM tall and 40CM deep. The entrance hole, top hole and floor holes are all 20CM by 20CM. The bottom and 3rd level each has 25CM headroom while the middle floor has 30CM for sleeping / stretching and such.

The back of unit has rubber pads to stand it off the radiator behind so it just gets warm. For summer time the middle floor windows will provide air flow up through each floor in a vacuum / convection effect (hot air rising through bottom up).

To finish it I went to the boating supply shop for the local marina here and bought decent boat guide rope which is perfect and not artificial strands which can cut a paw. This was wrapped around a board and bolted to the front, over time it can be turned around and upside down to get the most use of it.
All wood pre-cut and holes jig-saw cut out.
The bottom floor, side and back plate being joined to create the basic shape.
Now all 6 sides together can see how it looks. Mikey trying to get in for a sneak peak.
Checking the floor spacing.
Now both floors are installed with kitchen unit hanging brackets which are super strong + wooden beam across the front for support there.
I wanted the whole thing to open up so it can be vacuum out and wiped down easy. This means hinges on the door and lots of magnet locks to stop it popping open even if they stick their head out of the middle windows.
More supports.
Now I used masking tape around all the corners.
So I can use wood filler on the inside and run it smooth to fill the gaps up to the natural corner the masking tape provides.
To finish it I used blue lacquer paint which gives a very strong finish protecting the wood and you can use a wet cloth on it no problem at all for cleaning.
I plan to put some cushions and stuff in there but for now I'm letting them get used to it.
Mikey is always the most curious so it was no surprise he was up on the top pretty quick lol.
Garfield however is a timid cat so he investigate also .. from a distance.
He did eventually go inside and decided he could come back out of the middle window (10CM * 10CM!) and succeeded to my surprise.
I put some treats on each level to encourage them inside, Garfield figured out a way to only go in as much as needed.
Again Mikey is already used too it, now just sitting looking at me from on top. Normally when he's on top of somewhere we are shouting at him to get down, this time no such thing so it'll take him time to learn it's really OK lol.
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