LRP Speedbirds series review. Spitfire IX and Messerschmitt BF 109LRP Speedbirds series review. Spitfire IX and Messerschmitt BF 109
Apr 14 2013
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I picked up this model from the Intermodellbau 2013 fair www.fatedev.com/?p=120&Details=100th+FaTedev+addition+-+Intermodellbau+2013+model+fair+in+Germany its not a brand new series having being around for about a year now but it isn't reviewed anywhere or getting much mention with LRP generally being known only for cars and components for cars.

The Speedbirds series consists of 4 models:
F-600 F4U Corsair [a]www.lrp.cc/en/products/rc-airplanes/electric/produkt/lrp-f-600-f4u-corsair-speedbird-arf/details/[/a]

The F4U Corsair is a US air combat fighter from the 40's. Due to its folding wings, the original was mainly utilised on aircraft carriers.
F-660 Messerschmitt BF 109 [a]www.lrp.cc/en/products/rc-airplanes/electric/produkt/lrp-f-660-messerschmitt-bf-109-speedbird-arf/details/[/a]

As an originally German air combat fighter from the 40's, the Messerschmitt BF 109 shouldn't be missing in any airplane model collection.
F-600 Sea Fury [a]www.lrp.cc/en/products/rc-airplanes/electric/produkt/lrp-f-600-sea-fury-speedbird-arf/details/[/a]

At the end of the 40's, the British Royal Navy brought the Sea Fury into service. This air combat fighter was manufactured by Hawker.
F-665 Spitfire [a]www.lrp.cc/en/products/rc-airplanes/electric/produkt/lrp-f-665-spitfire-speedbird-arf/details/[/a]

The Spitfire is one of the most popular warbirds from the mid 40's. This is the IX Spitfire developed in 1944.
LRP 20A ESC 1950kv LRP brushless motorAll the models come with the same set-up using their own LRP 1950kv brushless motor and a 20A ESC. It's set-up for 3 cell lipo packs between 800 and 1000 mAh, and only required your receiver be installed.

All models are 3 channel with throttle, ailerons and elevator. The models are designed as true to scale as possible while the paint schemes are kept as true as they could. None of them have landing gear so you will have to belly land them, I've already used some spray on lacquer to help protect the fuselage.
The man at the LRP stand was very insistent these models where not only fast but lots of fun. There was a TV display showing these models being flown but mostly slow fly-bys with some faster inverted passes. He said they hit 160KPH on dives and cruise at 100KPH which for a range of models with 60<>65CM wingspans is cool. The model at the fair was 100 Euro for the Plane ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) + Motor/ESC + Servos all pre-installed.

Going by the manual it seems all 4 models require the tail fin be glued in place, it's not attached simply so the model can fit in the box by the looks of it. The decal designs are excellent and very detailed while being EPO the paint job is also very well done with no patchy areas like you normally find. Even the cockpit has a transparent canopy and a pilot on all 4 models, some have decals on the dashboard while my Spitfire did not so I printed some off and stuck it on lol.
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