HPI Mini Recon Skyline conversation with adjustable turn buckles and suspension modsHPI Mini Recon Skyline conversation with adjustable turn buckles and suspension mods
Jan 20 2013
As always big thanks to my sponsors www.FrSky-RC.com and www.myflydream.com
On the last Mini Recon mod I upgraded to a Carson speed controller as well as outfitting the original shell with LEDs which worked out pretty well. I wanted a different look for Mini Recon but finding 1:18th scale shells is next to impossible. Eventually I found a Chinese Ebay seller and took the risk, although I knew the wheelbase wouldn't match.
The main problem I've found with Mini Recon is the wheel alignment goes to hell after a while. The stock connections with click on cups are solid plastic and not adjustable however you can get upgrade package specific for the Mini Recon and for those trying to find them the item number is 105523 "Adjustable turnbuckle set (RECON)".

I also fitted new suspension and adjusted the set-up to be much lower. I did this because it's not capable of taking on big steps or anything like it that I'd rather have better corning at higher speeds.
When the Skyline shell arrived I found it to be a very well detailed. The lights area both front and back where semi-transparent so whatever model this was intended for obviously had a light set-up or hop-up for it. This worked in my favour.
I used the same technique as I did on the stock shell to fit the lights on the Skyline. I did pay attention to keep the bulb heads exactly on the shell light areas so its really authentic.
Can see from the front the double twin lights give a great beam distance and spread. Its a proper looking stadium track car now and it I like the looks lots.
Just like the real thing them "it's a skyline" rear lights :)
I'm using my Futaba 6EX to control the car which allows me to set duel rates! So I set throttle on 2nd rate to maximum 20% total allowing me to try it out inside, this makes the motor sound like its struggling to get going but it's fine.
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