Part 2 - HPI Mini recon, ESC, LED mod and pin spike tyres with videoPart 2 - HPI Mini recon, ESC, LED mod and pin spike tyres with video
As always big thanks to my sponsors www.FrSky-RC.com and www.myflydream.com
Well with a few little mods here and there including moving the suspension arm ball joints in 1 step to not make the suspension higher but firmed so it doesn't bottom out so easy. Overall it really move a lot faster than it did stock and I could see the LEDs well past being able to see the car itself with having a dark shell design.

You can see in the video it was able to easily scale curbs, drive over rough terrain, fly over grass and do spins like crazy in the wet when you suddenly apply brake hehe. It's a fun little model and with it being smaller than a piece of A4 paper it doesn't take up that much room to keep around. For the price of around 100 Euro totally ready to run (RTR) so that means the transmitter , battery and everything you need is in there, all you have to do is charge the battery with the included charger and go have fun.

I did however sometime ago stop using the provided Nihm packs and switched to lipo packs, 2S 7.4V. Enjoy the video
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