Part 1 - HPI Mini recon, upgraded speed controller and LED modsPart 1 - HPI Mini recon, upgraded speed controller and LED mods
Dec 23 2012
As always big thanks to my sponsors www.FrSky-RC.com and www.myflydream.com
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Last time this project was used with Micro FPV and eventually died after getting really wet. Back then I bought a new Carson Dragster speed controller but never got around to fitting it. Now I have and it's much faster than before.
I used hobbyking LED strips to make up the lighting. I used 4 white LEDs on the front, 3 blue LEDs on each side pointing inwards and finally 3 LEDs on the back in the center. I use wiring out of old printer cables, this is great stuff and super cheap, to cover the wiring I used waterproof glass thread duck tape.
For a tidy finish I used a Dremel to drill out the LED holes on the front and rear, makes the LED heads pop into place nice and snug. Now you can see that the 2 exposed LEDs give a really bright forward facing light.
The 3 red LEDs in the center stand out really well, and you can see the blue shining out from the inside of the shell.
With all the lights on the LEDs are still clearly visible which is cool. The 3S Lipo pack on the back is powering these LEDs for now! I have some 150mAh 3S packs on their way from HobbyKing which are much smaller, small enough to fit inside the shell on the top out of the way. So what you see if just temporary.
Again rear view but with all lights on.
Tomorrow providing the weather complies it'll get a road test, so watch out for part 2!
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