Keeping your hands warm and TX dry with a transmitter bag
Keeping your hands warm and TX dry with a transmitter bag
Nov 09 2012 by FaTe
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Flying in the winter winds slope soaring and other flying is fun but not so much the cold. Keeping your hands warm falls down to either finding gloves that are warm but also allow you to feel the TX control sticks through them; or buying a prefabricated TX bag. There are many around but saving money means no luxury RC spending.

The solution comes from a very old magazine letter I found on Google. There wasn't any pictures but he explains how to use an old child coat to make a glove. Seeing as I only have my old coats I had to adapt the design but once you get the idea any warm + waterproof jacket will work.
This is an old winter coat I had where the bottom had become torn, the top however is still all OK. So I start by cutting off the neck and sleeves off the jacket. (Cutting the sleeves just above the elbow area)
Showing my transmitter in the center area. You can see it's far to wide so I have to adjust the original design.
First I trimmed off the bottom to the height of my TX + 15CM more (in case I get a bigger TX etc later)
Now I cut out a middle area where I will join the 2 halves back together making the size I want.
A mock up now both sides are cut back together. Can see it looks a little odd but how it will be going together.
First I had to stitch all the cut sides back closed so the filler material stayed in place and did not all sag to one side or the bottom.
I turns the 2 pieces inside out and sowed the halves back together with a lip inside.

IMPORTANT: I left a hole at the top just big enough for my antenna to poke through, a stitched around the hole to enforce. I think over time if you don't it'll eventually tear.
Inside on the back (where your fingers will be while holding the TX) is a big pocket. I simply cut the pocket out of the bottom of the jacket area and transplanted it there. This is only sown in on the top and bottom, NOT sides. This is so I can put my fingers behind it. The pocket can now hold hand warming pads, the ones you click to activate and heat to recharge.
The sleeve already had a pocket I cut straight through. I decided to keep the pocket and use it for carrying my smokes, lipo checker and other stuff.
Now to seal the bottom I used velcro stitched the entire length of the bottom with no spaces. This when closed totally closes the bottom of the bag making it a lip shape that water easily runs off but also keeps the wind out!
There is a hook inside which the TX holds on to. The same hook has a key-ring "ring" on the out side of the glove where my neck strap attaches to. I don't need a window to see the screen as once your flying you don't really need to look at it anyway. This doesn't mean YOU can't add a window just I choose not to. If you do want a window I suggest a cheap child transparent rain coat as the window material because you can stitch right through it.
Now it doesn't matter if it rains or it gets so windy I blow away lol, my hands will be warm and more importantly my transmitter always stays dry!
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