Depron Delta (DD) v5 final build. Faster, sleeker and night lights.Depron Delta (DD) v5 final build. Faster, sleeker and night lights.
Sep 18 2012
Big thanks to my sponsors: www.FrSky-RC.com and www.MyFlyDream.com
This design has been through 5 versions to this project with each version bringing refinements to the flying characteristics and overall design. For those of you following the stages and wonder where version 4 is - Well version 4 was a 30CM micro model design that didn't live long enough to get good video of it flying. It had the exact same design just scaled down to 30CM span by 22CM long. While it did fly it wasn't good enough to create a whole project over.
Version 5 again has an 500MM wingspan * 320MM length. Since version 3 had not enough power to my liking the objective of this delta was speed!

Again the servos are all in-line with no control rods or linkages to worry about for maximum throw and no torque loss.

The new motor is 2200kv and is running with a 25A ESC for best performance. It uses a 4.5*4.5 propeller and runs on a 3S 1000mAh lipo (30C - 40C peak). The design changes in this model mostly consist of build materials especially glue and enforcements around the engine area as previous tests had this motor almost rip itself off!
Since the actual design shape is now not changing I cut out a few templates to use straight away making the build process much faster. You can see again I'm using 3MM depron layered with 6MM to make it a perfect 9MM for servos which are 9MM.
I had an order for one of the models from our [a]www.fatedev.com/Shop[/a] right here on site from a fellow club member at our flying club. Now more people are seeing this delta flying through the air like a bullet and has a super crazy roll rate (you can always dial down the throw on your transmitter or duel rates etc).
This one is mine with it's night flying LED strips from HobbyKing. I went with a simpler design this time to keep the weight down but also when high up at night it just becomes a ball of light. So I opted to make an arrow shape with red trailing LEDs on the Elevons to see it when flying level and away from yourself. (note: LEDs are not included in the shop version)
The bottom follows suit with the arrow shape and again white because there simply the brightest. Overall the whole thing looks super, the design could have an air-foil to hide the electronics but when I tried this the overall weight added was too much and the additional lift provided was none existent. In fact having a flat profile was better because inverted flight responds the same as regular making flying the model more relaxing and not unpredictable.
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