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Author: snoopy
Posted: 7:11 pm Nov-19-2012
ZEPHYR II [video=]

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Author: snoopy
Posted: 7:12 pm Nov-19-2012
DISCOVERY [video=]
Author: snoopy
Posted: 7:13 pm Nov-19-2012
Author: FaTe
Posted: 8:00 pm Nov-19-2012
Very cool videos, thank you for sharing :)

Look forward to seeing more. The diving down mountains is not something we can do here in the Netherlands due to the lack of mountains of any kind (up North anyway).

Keep an out of a very special FPV project coming soon with a space launch! :toke:
Author: snoopy
Posted: 9:19 am Nov-20-2012
Thanks FaTe! I will post videos here, yes!

Author: snoopy
Posted: 9:52 am Jan-03-2013
WINTER [video=]
Author: FaTe
Posted: 6:31 pm Jan-03-2013
Great video, no such mountains around here lol, would of like to have seen you land up there :p I released my 2012 compilation video a few days ago [video=]
Author: snoopy
Posted: 10:26 am Mar-06-2013
Author: FaTe
Posted: 5:39 pm Mar-06-2013
very cool snoopy, I bet some people where surprised to see your quad flying around but noticed lots of people waving so some knew the deal lol.

This kind of video always gives views you never see normally and that makes it more special :)

Nice work :)
Author: snoopy
Posted: 8:33 am May-23-2013
1st experience with Red Bull [video=]
Author: FaTe
Posted: 5:47 am Jun-07-2013
Some very cool video, well done.

I would recommend a HobbyKing 3 axis gyro for quad and program it to 2 linear servos on a platform as type of stabilization plate. Maybe there's other ways but really smooth out your video seeing what your using it for now.
Author: snoopy
Posted: 2:38 pm Dec-27-2013

Here is my best in 2013!
Happy new year an stay tuned!


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Author: FaTe
Posted: 4:15 pm Dec-27-2013
Some very nice flying indeed snoopy!

I've left FPV for a while (I still have all my stuff!) just to take a break back into normal flying and speed!

I've been secretly working on Speedfreak version 6 for a few months and the profile is super slippery.


Keep the videos coming :)
Author: snoopy
Posted: 10:43 am May-21-2014
Hello! I have some new videos.. take a look. Enjoy!! & my Snoopy\'s FPV page: [url=https://www.facebook.com/pages/Snoopys-FPV-Life/335092669851956?ref=hl]Snoopy\'s FPV Life page[/url] snoopy [video=]

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Author: snoopy
Posted: 10:49 am May-21-2014
[video=] [video=]