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PermalinkSubmitted: 10:03 pm on Jan-31-2015By: fatedev.com
Every year I try to set some personal goals to achieve in terms of project builds. Sometimes it is hard between work and clients but not all projects need built in a day :p

Last year I aimed to break 150mph on a 3S lipo pack - Speedfreak V6 did just that at closer to 200mph. There where many more but now all actual projects on the site. So to stick with my trend of not just increasing the difficulty of the projects but also refine my building techniques in the process which will lead to even better end results.

So this year I\'m going to create some minimum targets in certain fields without being specific to leave it open at the time what is the best most fun project.


Sticking with my current trend of balsa builds I would like to take another shot at the \"Mini Speedfreak\" (was 30cm / 12 inch span) and look at making an even smaller one that goes even faster (the mini topped 80mph).

At least one other design

Multi copter

I haven\'t thought of a good project that is unique in some way yet. The amount of people jumping on the quad / multi copter hobby and doing something with it is huge. So this is an unknown.


I want to cover a wide range of cars this years in terms of size. I want to go all the way from micro to a 1:10 size nitro beast.


Always an unknown, I\'m keen but I keep remembering how fast I get bored of them. Maybe a FPV set-up?


I love to build so this is a no brainer. Something in the course of the year if not multiple things will be planned (and in some cases are already in progress!)

I plan to increase FaTedev.com and as a company FaTedev public awareness on and off line further this year. This will mean more none project related work so I think as long as I can make the targets above then anything extra is like a bonus.