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Mar 22 2012 by Dutchmulti
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Quick jump has been on-line for 9 years already and once upon a time had amazing rankings. Unfortunately over the years security problems and old designs slowly seen the death of the site. Over the last few months lots of work has been carried out on site to bring this once great site back to it's former glory.

dutchseedsbank homepage

The previous design was almost a standard shop look but we've turned our attention to every detail this time to give a nice, clean and easy to navigate layout. You can find most important navigation links always listed on the page sides with a better refined menu bar up top. We also ensured to keep our translate bar in the main menu making it clear for any langauge speaking visitor to quickly begin browsing in their own language. Other aspects include a much shorted header bringing the entire page up so not much scrolling.

All our recently added products will now always be shown on the homepage for a quick over sight of what is new in stock as well as features such as Top sellers, popular tag searching, growing information and much more. We've taken much more advantage of Jquery for snazzy effects like the product floating to cart on "add to cart clicking", in-page product picture viewing with zoom abilities.

While this is an E-commerce package it did not stop us from creating entire new module features unique to only our site. Here is our new image gallery paged into convenient slide pages as to not load so much in one go. Each time you click a thumbnail the image will load live above with information, no page reloading until your ready to view the next set of pictures. Also there have been many similar modules in the past but none take care to properly retain the image size when viewing, where you click but the image is distorted being forced to fit a picture size. Looks nasty so we ensure that every picture you view is always in the original size as it was intended to be viewed!

dutchseedsbank gallery

dutchseedsbank seed wizard

Another custom module that can only be found on is our super simple to use Product Wizard linked from the homepage center area. Often people spend lots of time browsing around trying to find similar seed to buy and while our compare products and "recently viewed products" make that easier; our product Wizard makes it easier again!

In just a few clicks you can choose what type of seed you would like, where you plan to grow it and lastly what type of effect your looking to get from the crop. Once selected you click "Run Wizard" and all products matching your request will be displayed with more info buttons, instant add to cart options and the products short description. In just a few clicks you can find everything you need. The wizard also provides a set-up link when used, this link is displayed under the "Run Wizard" button and allows you to get back to the exact search you preformed in no time at all.

Of course our product pages also underwent lots of thought when considering the new design. We wanted products to stand out and be clear to read. The design now has grouped important features such as viewing full size images, printing the page, "Send to a friend" and Facebook "like" for easier navigation. More information on products has also been provided again grouped into Tab sheets by "More info", "Data sheet" and the ability to leave comments on products you've bought to let others know how your service was.

Ease of use is critical so again items such as add to cart are live in page animated so there is no multiple page clicking around just to buy 1 product at the time. Changing quantity also effects your live shopping cart so there is no need to keep flicking between products and the shopping cart page. In all browsing around products and selecting what you want has never been easier.

dutchseedsbank product page

dutchseedsbank videos

Many e-commerce sites offer Youtube plug-in modules which usually allow for a video to be place on a product page or some videos on the homepage of your site. Both frankly are boring so we again decided to push the boat and create our own Youtube page module. This new module allows you to watch Youtube videos all from 1 page, there is no need to ever reload a page to watch a different video. Each time you click a new video to watch it'll automatically be loaded in page with information ready to watch, you can re-click any number of videos and not have to leave the page until your finished watching.

This "stay in page" navigation technique means not only does our site load much faster than others but also the bandwidth used for you is much less and lets face it, we all hate waiting for for things to load!

So even if your not interested in growing, why not still check out our page there's plenty to do!

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