Hi I'm Graham Alexander (aka FaTe) and I'm a British inventor/developer. My primary trade is programming/coding from Web sites to custom software.

Since before I can remember (so I'm told!) I was taking things apart to see how they work, this led to interests in so many fields of interest that there is not enough room here to list them all! This makes the job answering the question "what is it you do?" very difficult.

FaTedev was established in 2011 as a company to help support myself and showcase all the different projects I work on. I hope you have fun browsing my projects and please consider sharing projects you find interesting using the social buttons to help show me which projects are most liked, thank you.
For MANY years I have been developing games in pure js and one simple upgrade to browsers would allow games to run MUCH ...
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Often I think of projects to do totally out of the blue but what I have got planned you can read about here
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Scientists slow down a photon of light err.. How I theorize time warp distortions and how it can change our understading...
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